Ankerplatz für interdisziplinäre Projekte & Produkte

AHOI AHOI is an anchorage for interdisciplinary projects and products. AHOI AHOI is a design shop, an online shop and a project room at the same time. The range, consisting of fashion, furniture, accessories, jewelery, home accessories and art, appeals to an open audience.
AHOI AHOI provides a platform for the unexpected and unknown: labels and products that need to be discovered. By browsing our assortment, you will find unusual souvenirs and get to know innovative manufacturers and their products.
In addition to products from Switzerland, there are also trouvailles from Austria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, the Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Tanzania, Tunisia and Turkey.
In addition to the boutique and the online shop, AHOI AHOI has a project space, a room for designers and artists, in which they can present their works. The exhibitions change monthly and are each opened with an event.
AHOI AHOI stands for a positive globalization and multinational exchange between people of different genres and those who are interested. The symbol of shipping illustrates the exchange.


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