Diese Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden. Hier geht's zum Kalender mit allen anstehenden Veranstaltungen.

On December 5th 1933 the repeal of Prohibition is ratified at 5:32 P.M Eastern Standard Time. Shortly after, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces the End of Prohibition. After 14 long years of illegal drinking and a rise in crime and violence, the people of the United States can once again drink legally and bartenders are no longer criminals. The noble experiment has ended - and the party begins... - This shall be celebrated with a special weekend full of surprises at the STYX!

FRIDAY 06th Dec
Back to the Watering Hole!
Party into a new age with DJ Be_Cause & Mr. Sax Appeal

Tonight is the night! After more than a decade of illegality and hiding, we are legitimated to do what we do, once again. Oh yes, there will be floods! Electro Swing & Jazzy Tunes with DJ Be_Cause and Mr. Sax Appeal will guide us through the night and into a new era.

Carry on!
Blues & Booze with Peter Gysin & Friends

Aftermath! We won't stop celebrating Repeal Day until the churchbells ring on Sunday morn' - Back to business, back to blues & booze, let there be music & well mixed concoctions and let's never hide again for being dedicated Bonvivants! Peter Gysin & Friends will rule the bar as we shall all take the world again - with sentiment in the heart and a drink in the hand, the future can come.

Prohibition Repealed!
Freitag 06.12. um 20:00 - 04:00

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