Diese Veranstaltung hat bereits stattgefunden. Hier geht's zum Kalender mit allen anstehenden Veranstaltungen.

Mittlerweile ist „The American Stand Up Comedy“ ein fester Bestandteil des Parterre One Music Programms geworden. Frech, schnippisch und gnadenlos vor allem mit sich selber führt Ahmed Bilge durch das Programm.

  1. Contact Tracing is mandatory. I will ask for your mobile numbers at the door. In the case of an outbreak we can notify audience members present at the event, so they can quarantine themselves. This information will be deleted after 14 days.

  2. There will be no standing room & a limited amount of seats.

  3. There will be no consumation during the show. Break times will be increased so audience members can order drinks or go to the bathroom in an orderly fashion, without any pileups.

  4. The entrance & exit to Parterre One will be through separate doors.

  5. Face masks are mandatory.

  6. There will be no sales at the door.

  7. All lines will be distanced with markings on the floor.

  8. If you are feeling sick, in the risk group or for any other reason think you cannot abide by the rules above, please do not come to the show : )

We would like to make sure The American Standup Show can continue to be a hub of English Comedy in Basel in a responsible way. Hope you agree!