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You had to be there…

Make sure not to miss The Open Mic of Basel! An evening filled with laughter where new comedians and more experience ones share the stage.

In the first half, each comedians will have 5 minutes to make you laugh. In the second half, more experienced comedian will be doing longer set.

Make sure to reserve your free spot in the audience. The entry is free, you can give a donation at the exit.

The doors open at 19h and the show starts at 20h.

Are you as funny as your mom thinks you are? Write ‘’Spot’’ in the discussion section of the event to reserve one of the available spots. The selected comedians will be announced a few days before the event and will have 5 minutes each.

More advanced comedians can ask a 15-20 or 30 minutes spots for the second half (specify when asking for a spot).

The Open Mic - 10th June
Mittwoch 10.06. um 20:00 - 22:00

Heimat Basel
Erlenstrasse 59, 4058 Basel

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