Jewelry Design | Schmuckdesign aus Basel

NANA FINK combines classic jewelry design and sophisticated craft into one single brand. Her work embodies beauty, elegance and the highest quality standards and the love for perfection and detail is reflected in every single jewelry piece.

NANA FINK's first jewelry line - LOEWENKIND - is inspired by the emotionality of antique lions. The duality of her lion symbol stands for passion, sensuality, grace, and confidence.
All of NANA FINK’s jewelry pieces are unique, hand sculpted and crafted in Switzerland.

NANA FINK was privileged to grow up in a family with a strong artisan background, which profoundly influenced her sense for beauty, shapes, design, and perfection. As a young adult she went on to study clinical psychology and management in Basel and Zurich, and later completed her PhD in the field of maternal health. After working as a researcher at Harvard Medical School she started devoting herself entirely to her creative talent and spent the last years creating her first collections and building her brand.
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